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More Than Enough Academy

An 8-week cooking course that will teach you the basic cooking skills needed to pursue a career in the food service industry.


To offer More Than Enough mentoring and vocational training to empower women to 

Take Care of their future and inspire them to Share their success with others.

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About MTE Academy

More Than Enough Academy’s culinary training program is a 120 hour, eight-week cooking program that will instruct each student to understand the basic cooking skills, knife skills, and standard safety procedures to successfully work as an entry-level line cook in a commercial kitchen. Our program has been created and is instructed by our Executive Chef, who has over thirty years of culinary experience.  Upon completion, each student will earn a Certificate of Completion and a ServSafe Certification. We partner with and utilize the commercial kitchen at Oasis International, a welcoming organization for refugees.

More Than Enough Academy has been approved as eligible for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and is included on the Eligible Training Provider list for Missouri.  

What Students Will Learn

  • Kitchen Safety and Sanitation

  • Principles of Cooking

  • Knife Skills

  • Herbs and Spices

  • Stocks, Soups, and Sauces

  • Cooking with Fruits and Vegetables

  • Proper Meat and Poultry Preparation

  • Dry and Moist Cooking Methods

  • Buffet Planning and Service

  • Kitchen Best Practices and Best Behaviors

  • Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills

"Our 120 hour, eight-week course will instruct each student to understand the basic principles and standard procedures of successfully working as a line cook in a commercial kitchen."

- Cindy Breth, Founder


All candidates must have a high school diploma or GED, have the ability to stand throughout kitchen instruction and lift 25 pounds.

Service Training

In addition to the cooking course we are offering a 16 hour, four-day program of interactive service training. The course goals include:

  • Explore the fundamentals of service.

  • Review the expectations of service.

  • Receive hands on training setting tables, serving and clearing etiquette.


Service is a complex interaction between two individuals. Complex interactions require
special care and thought to get right. Thus, great service requires both technical
knowledge and certain amount of mindfulness. 

Successful graduates will have the opportunity to pursue employment in the hospitality industry. 


Service training courses are currently suspended.


Make A Donation

"More than Enough to take care and share"

Please join in our effort to assist women ready for a new exciting career in the hospitality industry to gain the initial training needed for immediate employment.


Here are some suggested donation amounts and what they will do for a student:

  • $2,000 Sponsors the complete 8-week course

  • $1,000 Pays half the cost of the complete 8-week course

  • $500 Toward the graduation of a student

  • $200 Fully equip a student with uniform, knife, and curriculum

  • $100 Buys a chef uniform and safety shoes

  • $60 Purchases a professional chef’s knife

  • $40 Covers the cost of course curriculum



Please donate to support the cost of training a student and their corresponding uniform and curriculum cost.


Thank you so much for your generous gift to aid marginalized women gain a new career and hope for a brighter future!


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